“Ten CalArts Writers”; silkscreen, 27 × 22.25 inches (1997).

CalArts Visiting Artists Posters


These posters are part of a long-standing tradition at California Institute of the Arts. They are promoting visiting artists lectures as well as performances in the Schools of Music, Theatre and Dance.

I designed (and printed) these during my two-year graduate studies at the school. They are usually done for credit but without faculty consultation; that is except for Ed Fella’s advice to exploit the opportunity to make new form and to not care too much about the subject matter.

In 2005, the tradition was preserved for design history, when Jérôme Saint-Louvert Bié curated an exhibition called Earthquakes & Aftershocks: Posters from the CalArts Graphic Design Program 1986—2004 at the École des beaux-arts de Rennes in France. The collection, called the CalArts Poster Archive, now lives online and is constantly updated with new work.

In 2020, the tradition was further celebrated with a wonderful book designed by Michael Worthington, “Inside Out & Upside Down: Posters from CalArts 1980—2019”.

Left: “Jon Parsons Guitar Recital”; silkscreen, 22.25 × 30.25 inches (1997).
Right: “A Show of Balinese and Javanese Music & Dance”, silkscreen, 22.25 × 30.25 inches (1997).

Left: “Jonathan Hoefler”, silkscreen, 20 × 28 inches (1997).
Right: “John Knight”; silkscreen, 20 × 28 inches (1996).

“Anthony Hernandez: Landscapes for the Homeless”; silkscreen, 36 × 24 inches (1997).

“Anne Burdick presents: Andrew Blauvelt”; silkscreen, 20 × 28 inches (1997).

“Fresh Blood”; silkscreen, 27.5 × 22 inches (1997).


Design, Illustration & Typography: Jens Gehlhaar

Award: American Center of Design, 21st Annual 100 Show, 1998