“Enroll in Brand New School”

Zeroone Design Center Seoul


In 2007, I was invited by fellow CalArts alumn and Kookmin University professor Jae-hyouk Sung to create an exhibition of my typographic work at a gallery space owned by the school. I proposed to make it a Brand New School exhibition instead, imagining that funky motion graphics would be more interesting to the young and thriving Seoul design scene than dry Latin type design.

Aside from pictures, puppets, posters, process, print and projections, the show also contained the BNS Televisor, an ingenious interactive invention involving a chalkboard green screen, a visual remix of seven years of BNS work — and the visitors. The device was dreamed up and built by Max Erdenberger. A camera is pointed at a green chalkboard on one end of the gallery space; a computer keys out the green and replaces it with a pre-produced animation; and a projector projects the end result onto the other end of the space.

Alongside the exhibition, we also gave two lectures about our broadcast work and type work, and we held a two-day workshop with students and professionals. The assignment — courtesy of Michael Worthington — was to pick a song and create a Karaoke video, and then perform it at a party.

I also designed a 24-page book accompanying the exhibition. Each double page shows a grid of themes and obsessions; the images all taken from Brand New School’s amazing back catalog.


Design Company: Brand New School, Los Angeles
Exhibition & Catalog Designer: Jens Gehlhaar
Exhibition Designer: Max Erdenberger

Gallery: Zeroone Design Center of Kookmin University
Curators: Helen Ku, Jae-hyouk Sung
Publisher: Sun-kyung Park
General Manager: Joon-hee Lee
Coordinator: U-geun Park
Publicity: Joung-eun Choi, Ho-jung Choi
Technical Coordinator: Woo-seok Kim
Documentation Photography: Do Yeon Kim, Max Erdenberger