Dear Wolf, “Hello Stars” Vinyl and CD packaging (2012)

Dear Wolf “Hello Stars”


“Hello Stars” is the fifth album of German band Dear Wolf, released after a decade-long hiatus. I loved the immediate childlike optimism of the title, but also its melancholic, sarcastic undercurrent that becomes clear if you know the band’s age and trajectory.

This half-full-half-empty dichotomy is expressed in the gravity-ambiguous cover: Depending on which way you look at it, it represents a child’s dream of reaching the stars — or a dark force warning you to stop trying.

The sleeve design also aligns and refers to the previous albums I have designed for the band; always using a slightly twisted single toy for the cover image.

 Dear Wolf “Out of Disneyland” CD packaging  (1995) Dear Wolf “La Spezia” CD packaging  (1993) 
“Hello Stars”
Client: Dear Wolf, Fuego! Records
Sleeve design: Jens Gehlhaar
Photography: Caleb Coppola

“La Spezia”
Sleeve design: Jens Gehlhaar & Michael Scholten

“Out of Disneyland”
Sleeve design: Jens Gehlhaar & Stefan Flach
Additional photography: Markus Wiedenhöft