KCRW “Inner Level” (1999/:30)

KCRW “Full Circle” (2004/:30)

KCRW “Inner Level” and “Full Circle”

DESIGNED 1999 & 2004

Over the course of five years, Los Angeles-based director David Vegezzi asked me twice to add typography to his theatrical commercials for public radio station KCRW.

For Inner Level, I showed the words ‘Eclectic’ and ‘Diverse’ in five different typographic styles. Based on geometric, mannerist, humanist and realist models, the skeletons were extracted and redrawn as monolinear sans serifs. For the animation, the strokes were blended in Freehand so that all in-between stages make typographical sense, and that the word never really settled on one style. The idea and the typefaces were taken from my CalArts graduate thesis.

For Full Circle, I created a very simple ‘star constellation’ typography that seemed to mirror the sprawl of Los Angeles and the skies above it.


Client: David Vegezzi
Designer/Animator: Jens Gehlhaar
Animator: Trix Taylor