Windows Mobile “Doors” (2008/2:10)

Windows Mobile “Doors”


In this poetic little promo, we follow a girl on a journey through magical doors to show that with Windows Mobile, you can “take your whole life wherever life takes you.”

At the core of the story are the doors. An open door is a great signifier for opportunity and promise, and passing through one is about a journey and about discovery. In a more fantastic reading, a door can become a portal into a different reality: Think of René  Magritte, Ringo’s house in Yellow Submarine or the hallway in The Matrix Reloaded. Because a travel narrative can easily become too episodical, we decided to weave a boy-meets-girl arc into it.

We follow a weather girl as she makes the sun shine, takes the afternoon off, jumps out of a subway car, chases through a forest and (almost) gets lost in a maze of memories. Somewhere on her journey, she locks eyes with a guy who, it turns out, is on a journey of his own. Each location obviously signifies a function on a smart phone.

It was the agency’s directive to use rudimentary, theatrical sets that have only bare essential features. We had done this before for two films for The International Music Feed, and we were very excited to continue that interest. We hooked up with Matthew Luem who built us a TV studio, a subway station and a huge forest with little more than pieces of wood and glue.

These are my set sketches for the production designer.


Agency: McCann, San Francisco
Client: Microsoft

Production Company: Brand New School, Los Angeles
Director: Jens Gehlhaar
Director: Rob Feng
DP: Shawn Kim
Production Designer: Matthew Luem
Stylist: Christine Wada
Producer: David Wolfson
Shot on stage in Los Angeles, California

Post Production: Brand New School, Los Angeles
Creative Director: Jens Gehlhaar
Art Director: Rob Feng
2D Artists: Jiaren Hui, Mark Kim, Peter Murphy, Trix Taylor, Andy Bernet, Jason Doss
CG Supervisor: Steve Sloan
3D Artist: John Sadler
Flame Artist: Philip Ineno
Producer: Darren Jaffe
Editors: Erik Barnes, Graeme Pereira
Color: Company 3
Music (Director’s Cut): M83, “Kim & Jessie”

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