Palm "Shoes" (2010/:30).

Palm “Don’t Miss A Thing”


This campaign had a rather unusal genesis. In a business where post-production companies get involved only after the client has picked the agency, the idea, the director and the production company, I got a call from Palm directly while at Brand New School: They figured that a multidextrous company like BNS could tackle development of a design-centric campaign more inventively and efficiently than an orthodox advertising agency, even one as design-driven as Palm’s then-partner, Modernista!.

Palm’s brief asked for an interesting visual representation of the Palm interface. My first step was to lay out a lexicon of possibilities using “What If?” scenarios as well as scripts and concept art. We described the whole gamut of options, from a 3D macro world of interface elements navigated by huge fingertips; to a user walking through an world made by the UI; to live action ideas involving metaphorical and theatrical representations of interface elements.

A page from my initial “What If?” exploration.

We settled on a simple user story with a signature framing that Palm could own. The interface would manifest itself in mid-air, almost as if we were looking at the POV of the phone while the hero is walking. At some point within each story, the hero would wipe through images or search results, and the entire environment behind them would wipe as well.

We shot a few tests to figure out just how much focus needed to be on the interface elements — would the viewer focus too much on the hero and the environment, and would anybody actually read the chat bubbles or search results?

Our initial camera test, shot in downtown Los Angeles, starring Mr. Eli Carrico.

Eventually, Modernista! was called in to define the message, to shape the stories and to write the tag lines.

In the final campaign of three, we see three simple user stories with a twist: A woman completes her outfit for a dinner by finding shoe stores nearby; a professional on an airport escalator finds an apartment for him and his family before he even reaches the departure level; and a student figures out what movie theater to go to while on a stroll in the park.

Palm “Flick” and “New Digs” (2010/:30).
Development & Post Production: Brand New School, Los Angeles
Creative Director: Jens Gehlhaar
Development Writer: Sean Vij
Art Director: Ludovic Schorno
Lead Flame Artist: Ryan Yoshimoto
Animators: Sang Lee, Maithy Tran
Designers: Brian Sensebe, Andy Bernet, Eli Carrico, Freda Lau
Rotoscoping: Marlan Harris, Tiffany Germann
Additional Flame Artist: Elad Offer
Producers: Darren Jaffe, Craig Houchin
Development Artists: Robert Bisi, David Do, Waka Ichinose, Mark Kim, Mark Kulakoff, John Sadler, Kris Wong

Agency: Modernista!, Boston
Production Company: The Cartel, Los Angeles
Directors: Snorri Brothers
Editorial: Lost Planet, New York
Music “Flick”: Miike Snow, “Burial (DJ Mehdi Remix)”
Music “New Digs”: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, “Home”
Music “Shoes”: Mos Def, “Quiet Dog”

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