Microsoft Xbox “Opera”
Installation at JFK


This installation was created for American Airlines’ JFK terminal. In a hallway connecting the gates with the main lobby, forty massive HD screens, 1200 feet of wall space, 100 speakers and programmable lights provided an amazing and crisp media presence for Microsoft.

I had directed two rounds (for Microsoft Office and Windows Mobile) before getting invited to tackle the same space for Xbox. The insanely funny and smartly conceptual idea came wholesale from T.A.G.: A match-up of a bear against a Sumo wrestler, a cheetah against a roller skater, and a gymnast against a Scottish warrior. Also starring: a broccoli, a chili dog, a pugilist, a beehive and a bunch of other things.

The match-ups take place in a living room; and at the point of impact, the heroes collide in a phantasmagoric explosion of colors and shapes, only to be spawned again as the next pair of characters.

Installation (Montage) (2007/1:20)

This was an instance where I couldn't be part of the design team (I was shooting a campaign out of the country); the final formal language, a very intriguing odd-colored geometry, is courtesy of art director Robert Bisi and the agency.

Of all the animals — among them Pebbles The Bear and the Sheena The Cheetah (really a spotted leopard) —, the inch worm was actually the hardest to work with. All Pebbles needed to be cool was an insane amount of jelly-filled doughnuts.


Agency: T.A.G., San Francisco
Client: Xbox

Production Company: Brand New School, Los Angeles
Director: Jens Gehlhaar
Director: Rob Feng
Producer: David Wolfson
DP: Pat Notaro
Still Photographer: Zen Sekizawa
VFX Supervisor: Scott Metzger
Production Designer: Jason Schuster
Shot on stage in Los Angeles

Design & Post Production: Brand New School, Los Angeles
Creative Director: Jens Gehlhaar
Art Director: Robert Bisi
Editor: Erik Barnes
Concept Artists: Robert Bisi, George Fuentes
Flame Artist: Ryan Yoshimoto
Compositors: Mark Kim, Pablo Wang, Peter Murphy, Trix Taylor, Kyu Kim, Andrew Soria
Designers: Brian Gossett, Robert Bisi, Chris Saunders
3D Artists: Max Keane, Stephen Sloan, Vinh Chung, John Sadler, Frantz Vidal, Robin Kim
Wallpaper Designer: Clarissa Tossin
Producer: Darren Jaffe

Music: Léo Delibes, “Viens, Mallika, les liens en fleurs (The Flower Duet)” (from “Lakmé”)

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