MTV2 Identity Pitch


These are a few of the ideas and visuals we presented for a rebranding of MTV2 in 2004. We suggested a few very radical structural revisions, some of which were eventually put into practice.

Some of them didn’t make the cut:

The Quadrants concept takes the ideas of crawls, tickers, picture-in-picture and violators to the extreme by completely eliminating the center focus, with only the audio providing direction. All content would be curated via algorithms; using pre-produced pieces as well as Viacom broadcast feeds and web-sourced user input.

The Landscapes and the Elevations concepts use the elementary framework of a black background and a straight camera direction to unify any number of drastically different visuals. Designers and animators would be asked to interpret a randomly generated hybrid music genre such as Cosmic Punk, Micro Soul, Sci-Fi Hip Hop or Pre-Rock.


Client: MTV Networks

Design Company: Brand New School, New York
Creative Director & Designer: Jens Gehlhaar
Illustrators: Sean Dougherty, Dennis Go, Doug Lee, Jon Santos

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